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As we stand on the precipice of the final days of 2023, Temple Athens prepares to host a special event, Xmas Feast, that promises to be etched into our mind. On the evening of December 30th, 2023, three super-talented bands—Part of the Theory, Passengers in Panic and Crimson Fire—will take the stage in a monumental display of artistry, creating a harmonious tapestry that transcends time, space and … genres.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Crimson Fire, being a part of the Greek traditional heavy metal scene, stands out with an infernal blaze that ignites the spirit of ‘80s metal enthusiasts. A powerhouse of sonic intensity and musical prowess, Crimson Fire, has etched its name into the book of Greek heavy metal, weaving a tale as captivating as their thunderous compositions. Led by John Britsas, the band emerged from the crucible of Athens in the summer of 2004, with the intention to create powerful, glamorous and catchy heavy metal. They set out on a mission to channel the rich heritage of ‘80s heavy metal into a formidable force of the contemporary metal scene. Having bands like Motley Crüe, KISS, Def Leppard, Saxon, Europe, Judas Priest etc. as heroes, Crimson Fire create a tapestry woven with intricate guitar work, thundering drums, and a glorious an majestic vocal delivery that ranges from melodic serenity to high-pitched intensity. Their debut album, “Metal Is Back”, released in 2010, served as a manifesto of their musical character and garnered attention for its unapologetic embrace of classic heavy metal elements. As Crimson Fire continued to forge their path, “Fireborn” solidified their reputation as torchbearers of the unpretentious heavy metal grandeur. The tracks, laden with melodic riffs, breathtaking solos and beautiful vocal lines, transport the listeners to a place far away, where 80s metal reigns supreme! And we come to 2021, when Crimson Fire release their masterpiece, “Another Dimension”, an album which gives a new dimension to traditional metal and a new interest to a vintage sound. In the turbulent sea of heavy metal, Crimson Fire emerges as a mythical leviathan, leaving a lasting mark on the canvas of Greek metal history. Through their dedication to crafting a sound that pays homage to the 80s metal roots, Crimson Fire stands tall as a beacon of the enduring spirit of contemporary heavy metal. As they continue to send their music message, the flame of true heavy metal burns brighter than ever, and we can’t help listening to their amazing metal anthems! The rendezvous for the 30th December 2023, has been set, and we all shall be there in time!

In the world of metal, which is ever-evolving, genres collide and boundaries shatter, one band has emerged from the heart of Greece to embark on a musical odyssey that defies classification. Passengers in Panic, a relatively young yet profoundly innovative Greek progressive folk metal band, has been weaving an intricate tapestry of sounds since its formation in December 2019. Driven by a shared passion and vision, this collective of talented musicians immediately set out to explore uncharted musical territories, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Greece and infusing it with the progressive and folk elements that define their genre. At the core of Passengers in Panic’s sonic identity is a commitment to progressive exploration. The band’s same-titled debut album, released in December 2020, serves as an audacious foray into the unique soundscapes of folk metal. Tracks like “Life At It’s Best”, “Leap of Faith” and “To Stain” showcase their adeptness at seamlessly blending intricate time signatures, dynamic shifts, emotive arrangements, epic music themes and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with the listener on both intellectual and emotional levels. The use of traditional instruments is brilliant, taking the final result to a higher level. Despite their relatively short time in the scene, Passengers in Panic has quickly gained recognition for their captivating live performances. The band’s ability to convey the complexity of their studio recordings in a live setting has solidified their reputation as a must-see act in the Greek metal circuit. As Passengers in Panic continues to navigate the strange, mysterious waters of progressive folk metal, the future holds promise and excitement for this band. With the groundwork laid by their debut album, fans eagerly anticipate what new the quartet will offer in its upcoming releases. Of course, at the 30th of December we will be able to witness all the qualities of this charismatic band!

Athens, Greece, artistic creativity flows through the streets and a group of students has emerged as a beacon of musical innovation. Part of the Theory (P.O.T.T.), a progressive-soundtrack-post rock band, captured the hearts and ears of the audience at the Schoolwave Festival, marking their ascent in the Greek music scene. The diverse backgrounds of these students provided a rich and fertile ground for the band’s musical experiments. Fuelled by a desire to transcend traditional genres, P.O.T.T. set out on a music journey that would soon capture the attention of both peers and seasoned music enthusiasts. The turning point for P.O.T.T. came at the Schoolwave Festival 2022, an annual celebration of student and school bands in Athens. The band’s mesmerizing performance showcased their ability to craft intricate soundscapes, drawing the audience into a world where each note told a unique story. The festival became the stage for P.O.T.T. to unveil their sonic alchemy, leaving a wonderful impression on both the crowd and the broader Greek music community. Following their success at the Schoolwave Festival 2022, P.O.T.T. continued to gain momentum, leading to their participation in the Schoolwave Festival 2023.  This new achievement marked not only the band’s musical proficiency but also their dedication to pushing the boundaries of progressive/soundtrack/post rock music. Tracks like “Vikings” and “Famished Mammon” demonstrated a maturity and depth in their compositions that belied their student status. In their live performances, the four members of P.O.T.T. exhibit a level of professionalism and showmanship that rivals more seasoned acts. The Schoolwave Festival was just the beginning. Just let the band prove again their talent at Temple this coming 30th of December, 2023!


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