by MythofRock

Even though Wooden Fields is a completely new band (or a project, however someone may call them), the sounds, the groove and the overall feeling is no strange to heavy rock fans, thinking about the members’ music background and history. This is a power trio who has produced a fantastic record, straight from the ‘70s. A very inspired record with a warm and organic sound, courtesy of course of all three members: Sartez Faraj (Three Seasons), Sam Riffer (Siena Root) and Fredrik Jansson Punkka (Witchcraft, Lugnet, Angel Witch, etc.). ”Wooden Fields” is an absolute beauty to the ears, it has a charming bluesy feeling, fuzzy guitars, a very solid rhythm section which sets up the whole vibe throughout the album and also shows how much fun it has been for all three of them to be in the studio and record this really beautiful record. The groove and rhythm section are stunning and it’s no surprise what these guys can absolutely deliver. This album comes straight away from the heart of the Swedish heavy rock legacy, exactly where these guys come from. I guess that the Swedish heavy rock scene will never cease to produce such high quality music, such inspired records, which sound so ‘70s (or late ‘60s, probably – as we can listen to a bit of Cream or even Cactus throughout the album – check the track ‘I’m Home’ or ‘Don’t Be a Fool’ for example), even though they have been recorded in 2020/2021! The vocals are very warm, very ‘touchy’ and delivered with a substantial amount of passion, and you get acquainted very fast with the overall atmosphere and feeling of the record. Most of the songs are impulsive and give the impression to the listener that these are the result of jamming a lot of hours together, with fun, joy and excitement. All arrangements are at the same time meticulously conducted but in a natural and organic way, so that the outcome is so mellow, gorgeous and a true pleasure to enjoy on your stereo. My personal favorite tracks are  “Wind of Hope”, “Don’t Be a Fool”, “Shiver and Shake” (long live Jimi Hendrix!) and “Endless Time”.

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos





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