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All of a sudden, the end of White Wizzard has come… Although they released a new album, “Infernal Overdrive”, in January 2018, they just announced that they break up.  Founder Jon Leon uploaded on the band’s Facebook official page the following statement: “Well the time has come. I started White Wizzard in late 2007 a little over 10 years ago. With the first line up we crafted a great EP that sadly had too much talent in one band to last… From there… I wrote 4 full-length albums I am very proud of and had some fantastically talented musicians that played on them.

“Regardless of the internet bullshit written about me or the band, it was formed in the spirit of the music I loved and nothing more. It has always been about the music to me. I feel all of our work has been world class and not only do I feel it is the best and most consistent in the ‘classic metal revival’ genre so to speak…But I feel our last and final album Infernal Overdrive can hang with anything put out the past 20 years in rock and metal. I am very proud of the work this project has done. I feel it can and will stand the test of time.

“But time does pass and some things run their course. So unfortunately I have to announce that White Wizzard is over. There will be no more albums or live shows. The last album is it. I am glad we got to do it. I am proud of the latest video for Chasing Dragons and I wish all members of the band past and present well in their musical and personal journeys. For me, a new ticket and a new ride must be bought and taken. So as this journey ends, a new one begins. This will be my last post about this. It is time to end Jon Leon as well. Keep making music and loving it, because there is not much else in this world that is as real and special. All the best and to the fans, thank you”.

You can watch the band’s latest music video here:


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