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“Book Of Bad Decisions”, the new album of Clutch, is set to hit the stores this September. The album was produced at Sputnik Sound studio in Nashville, Tennessee, with producer and engineer Vance Powell. 

Neil Fallon stated about the lyrical themes covered on “Book Of Bad Decisions”: “This record has a lot of… maybe not a lot, but instances where I looked back into events of my own life or Clutch’s career, took them and exaggerated them for the purposes of drama. I’ve always been wary of that, ’cause I don’t really like nostalgia. But I also realize, after 25 years, there’s a whole catalogue of experiences that I can take and draw from that. Sometimes getting inspired can be hard. Listening to a song, [you think], ‘What’s this one gonna be about?’ And sometimes they come right out of the sky, sometimes no, they don’t. So that seemed like a good place to draw from”.

Fallon described the experience of working with Powell as “awesome”: “We were only three weeks, and we managed to bang out 15 songs. It’s done, in the bag. He was a joy to work with, and it’s a great-sounding record, and we’re really pleased with the way it came out.”

(excerpts from Fallon’s interview with Brittney Patton of 103.7 The Eagle Rocks!)

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