by MythofRock

Warrior Path’s self-titled debut album took everything by storm and promised a bright future for the band. Andreas Sinanoglou, the band’s mastermind and composer, and Bob Katsionis come back with a brand new album; behind the microphone we don’t find Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast in Black), but Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon), who is responsible for the extraordinary vocals. The epic battle that began with the debut rages on; Warrior Path continues its tale in this new album, which is the second chapter of an enthralling book! Epic heavy metal is what Warrior Path delivers again, dramatic and melodic, with numerous highlights; the sharp, catchy guitar riffs have an enchanting beauty, the intriguing, complicated song structures prove the songwriting genius of Sinanoglou, the thrilling guitar solos and the incredible, soaring vocals of Heiman will captivate and impress you, the unerring, clear production of Katsionis gives the essential boost and “The Mad King” stands as a heavy metal treasure, which waits to be discovered. If compared to the debut, this sophomore Warrior Path album goes on the same direction, although it is surely heavier, faster, more compact and with a smoother transition from the one part of the song to the other. The rich content of the album makes every new listen a priceless, rewarding procedure, every song, even the intro, is an exciting epic metal experience and overall, “The Mad King” will please all the metal maniacs around the world, even the fussy ones! If “Warrior Path” was a surprise and a promise for the future, I am sure that “The Mad King” will be the album, which will establish Warrior Path as one of the well-respected traditional heavy metal forces of our days.

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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