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After a successful trilogy (“Runaljod”) and an album, released in 2018 (“Skald”), Einar Selvik, or as we know him by his stage as Kvitrafn, has returned with “Kvitravn”. It means “white reaven” and deals with Northern sorcery, animism, nature and mythology. Selvik pays homage to his roots, combining traditional instruments, with contemporary lyrics. “Synkverv” welcomes the listener into the album, with a mood that transcends in a soft, gentle singing. The singing changes into different tones that are in a more robust style, and choirs that balance that. The second tune, “Kvitravn”, begins with the call of a raven. Next, Selvik’s commanding vocals, with bowed instruments, horns and percussion, give a deep feeling, that we are in a magical landscape and you feel like dancing. “Skugge” begins like a sound of the wind, atmospherically. The talharpa here gives a more serious mood, such as the percussion that HC Dalgaard uses. Therefore, it gives more strength, rhythm and power. And like a storm, it has to calm down and the sound of wind conveys that idea. “Grá” begins with a clean vocal by Selvik, alongside a drum beat and percussion. This song is pure magic and is an interchange between Selvik’s singing with Berg and her traditional singers. “Munin” is surreal and seems like several songs in one song. The instruments, the voice, the style make the song that way. “Fylgjutal” is the heaviest song of them all, that makes you want to headbang. “Andervarljod” has a duration of ten minutes. The choirs and vocals are so beautiful, that end the album so perfectly. This album is consummate in every way. If you are into Norse mythology, nature, tradition and more, this is for you. I know I am.

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda






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