by MythofRock

Metal from Costa Rica? Does this thing exist? Of course, and VoidOath are the ones, who give the positive answer! Hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica, VoidOath paint their sonic landscapes with a doom/sludge metal pallet. What I first admired in VoidOath’s music is their immersive atmosphere, which devours and swallows you like a crawling serpent. Having delved into the grounds of “Ascension Beyond Kokytus”, I understand now the inner charm of this album. VoidOath’s debut album stands humble and proud as a genuine work of metal art, crafted with passion, conviction and intelligence. VoidOath doesn’t produce music for the masses, but for the eclectic listeners, who seek originality, vision and inspiration. We are talking about a serious effort in the fields of sound, where doom metal and sludge metal meet in a unique way. If you add some death metal elements, then you will get the full picture. “Ascension Beyond Kokytus” falls on you like a heavy stone – you can’t escape from the moment you push the “play” button. This is a menacing, alarming disc, which will haunt you with its dark power. Drawing inspiration from a science fiction novella of John W. Campbell Jr. (“Who goes there? (Frozen Hell)”) and John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece “The Thing”, VoidOath’s debut album puts the name of the band on the table and makes us wanna listen to the band’s second effort. Until then, our dreadful nightmares have a name and an origin. I am sure we will soon have many great things to say about VoidOath.

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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