by MythofRock

This band, which has thirty years in the music business, is going to release its new album, “Cosmic Healer”, via Massacre Records, just after “From Over Yonder” and “Pilgrimage” last year. Velvet Viper is well-known for its very good, energetic and quality shows and now, this record will be no exception. It starts with “Sword Sister”, which can be a call for all sisters out there, and reminds them that they are strong, no matter what they do and their problems. The intro starts with the effects of swords and then Holger Marx and Micha Fromm start blast beating the guitar and drums. Jutta Weinhold!!! What a lady!!! Her voice is divine. She can whisper into your soul and you won’t forget her scream at the end. Holger’s solo and Micha following him is no joke. “Let Metal Be your Master” has some ‘80s vibe. The distortion guitar as intro and the drums are followed by powerful riffs and amazing bass taps, that only Johannes Horas Möllers can provide us. Jutta is pure perfection and we can hear some Doro influence. This song could be this year’s anthem. No wonder why “Cosmic Healer” was chosen for the first single of this record. It starts with a drum blast beat, followed by the guitar. Love Jutta’s voice, but in this track, the guitar solos is what make this song so amazing, along the drums. If you want power and energy, this one is for you. Oh yeah!!! Time to get into the war and pay some respect to the snake and chant to it. “Holy Snake Mother” has some fast riffs and catchy choruses. “Darkness Of Senses” is the most chilling song you will ever hear. Like the name of the song, you can almost hear your senses, no matter how dark they might be. The album ends with an acoustics version of 2019’s “The Pale Man Is Holding A Broken Heart” song: “Götterdämmerung”. Velvet Viper will never disappoint you, and “Cosmic Healer” is proof of that. Very well written, in all senses.

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda


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