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Infinite Visions is Timo Tolkki’s new project. Former Stratovarius guitarist and songwriter has formed the line-up of this new group, by selecting the following musicians: Erik Kraemer (vocals, Simulacrum), Pawel Jaroszewicz (drums, ex-Hate/Vader), Jimmy Pitts (keyboards, Eternity’s End/Northtale), and Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (bass, Civilization One/ex-Heavenly). Infinite Visions’ debut album will be titled “Union Magnetica” and Tolkki has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the production of this debut. 

The band states: “Infinite Visions are ready to record their debut album and need your help to make this happen! They require a minimum of 10.000 euro to complete the album and pay for related costs, such as: recording, mixing, mastering, album artwork & graphic design of layout, band photos. Although a large number of fans have been waiting for some classic metal songs from Timo, record sales aren’t what they used to be & the music industry has changed considerably. This change has resulted in bands getting smaller advances from labels and a limited budget for recording. With a desire to release only the best possible album — and not wanting to disappoint their fans — Timo and Infinite Visions turn to crowdfunding”.

Timo Tolkki has picked Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson as the new bassist, because Jari Kainulainen left the band earlier this month for personal reasons. Pierre has over twenty years experience in both the studio and stage, having recorded and performed with several artists including Heavenly (“Sign Of The Winner” and “Dust To Dust” albums) and Civilization One (“Revolution Rising” and “Calling The Gods”).

Below you can taste Infinite Visions’ song, “You Rock My World” in a playthrough video, which was just released.




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