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Onism is the neoclassical dark wave project of Lupe, Mosquito’s frontman and solo artist, and Efraimia – the first release of these two singers, an EP called “Leyes”, is ready to be released and Myth of Rock had the chance and the honour to be the first to listen to the four track EP. I met Lupe and Efraimia at Lupe’s home studio, and under a dim, softening light, we had a marvelous listening session. Although what I heard and witnessed that night can’t be easily described with words, you are about to read my impressions from that night.

The first track of “Leyes” is “Smoke, Light & Dust”. The song consists of a dark wave electro beat, upon which Efraimia and Lupe put their vocal lines. First comes Efraimia, whose ethereal voice takes you on a trip to a dark universe, Lupe comes shortly after and you understand that their voices fit so much together. The song progresses, with the addition of a discreet electric guitar, a mystery is gently weaved and the elegant beauty of the steady mid-tempo mesmerizes your heart. The sad melodic hooks take you by surprise and push you deeper and deeper into the abyss. Yes, you are left alone with your feelings …

Then comes “Let Me”. The magical sound of the piano takes your breath away – it’s Lupe, who sings first now, and soon gets accompanied by Efraimia, in astounding, astonishing vocal melodies, which are not of this earth. The pure delight of listening to the first verse turns into a shadowy crescendo of passion in the song’s refrain. Strong feelings are amazingly expressed through heavenly words and music. In a cold, charming atmosphere created by the keyboards, the second verse begins with Efraimia, then Lupe meets her and again, the refrain awakes your senses, as you are descending to the depths of your soul.

“Lies” comes as the third song … it is crystal clear that it is the darkest moment of the EP, a shivering experience, a unique venture in the fields of dark wave and gothic. Lupe and Efraimia are singing like it is the last night on earth, a moment in the lost paradise, a free fall to the black void. The mystery continues, the layers of melancholy and drama merge and you feel you are the protagonist in a tale of darkness. The duet’s performance brings warm tears in your eyes and lets you drown in terror. The vocal work of the duet is just incredible, in the sonic whirlpool of a great composition.

And “Leyes” comes to an end with … “Catharsis”. The best way to end this debut release, this song is the soundtrack of a nightmare, the cry of a lunatic man, the tragic yell of a solitary man in despair. That’s dark music, that’s true art, that’s the depressive end of a mind blowing musical journey. Lupe and Efraimia sing over black, pessimistic veils and narrate a shady story of loss and anguish. There is usually a light at the end of the tunnel, however, “Leyes” ends without any absolution, without any redemption. Voices echo in your mind and you see a silhouette in the dark. It is the great epilogue.

That night was otherworldly. I listened to this small masterpiece for the first time and I feel richer now, more mature, wiser. Onism starts its adventure with an EP, which will speak to your heart, which will touch your feelings. It is the beauty of darkness that stole my mind, like the song of the sirens. It is the delirium of the dark side.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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