by MythofRock

Thundermother has been delivering authentic, pure rock n’ roll over these years, and their new album could not be an exception to this rule. Filippa Nässil (founding member and guitarist) and her companions form a group that does not compromise in terms of their sound, the band’s character and the high energy rock n’ roll they produce. Not to mention the changes of the group during last year, the band was regrouped and now is based in Stockholm (previously in Växjö in Småland at the South of Sweden), but its DNA has not changed at all.

The self-titled third album is full of riffs, energy, sweat and loaaaads of beer! AC/DC influences to the maximum cannot be hidden, but this is the exact advantage of the band: they don’t cover, but they deliver the goods in their own personal way and character. This bad-ass female four-piece can seriously kick your butt and will make you shake to their rhythm! The album has a variety of sounds and characteristics as well, for example, the ballad “Fire in the Rain” stands out and demonstrates Guernica Mancini’s ability to deliver a song in a delicate and slowed pace way, with her warm and touchy voice, highlighted also with a beautiful guitar solo of Filippa. Things are very simple on the one hand with the one guitar riff following the other, but there is some solid and worthy character from the rest of band as well. Sara Pettersson on bass and Emlee Johansson on drums are really able to build a rock wall where all the songs are based upon and really claim what one of the songs, in fact, says: “We Fight for Rock N Roll”. This is what it’s all about, folks.

Thundermother love life, love rock n’ roll, love to enjoy it to the maximum. This is what they show us, this is what their songs are all about, this is what the fans feel when they put the record on the stereo. Pure rock n’ roll, as simple as it can be delivered. Those girls really mean it and they really kick it! And we love it!

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos

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