by MythofRock

When Christofer Johnsson said: ”We decided to give people what they asked for!”, he wasn’t wrong. This album is filled with more operatic, beatiful voices than ever. Therion is well-known for exploring new paths and challenging itself, without losing its values, musically speaking. Leviathan is the name of one of the most terrifying beasts, of the Christian-Judaic mythology. For the most nostalgic and who even like choirs, they invited the Hellscore Choir, from Israel. The album opens with “The Leaf on the Oak of Far”, with a nice and powerful guitar riff, played by Christofer, alongside with a natural, singing voice by Lori Lewis. The voice of Thomas Vikström is what makes this song so strong and unique, with the choir giving the perfect atmosphere. “Tuonela” has a surprise guest – he is Marko Hietala (ex-Nightwish) on vocals, and on Finnish mythology, is about the kingdom of the death. The drums, played by Sami Karppinen, with a bass, start very well and make this track a very dark one. We hear a woman’s voice, so sweet, that gives a gentle touch to this song. “Leviathan” is a masterpiece and Lori´s voice gives us shivers, with the choir doing the same. Geman composers, such as Richard Wagner, are very important nowadays, and Christofer has been influenced by them. This is what you get when you combine metal and opera; “Die Wellen Der Zeit”. “Great Marquis Of Hell” is much faster and and energetic, than any other track of the album. “El Primer Sol” has a nice mid tempo rhythm and I love the voices. It gives hope to the time we live in, like we seek hope. On drums, we have Sami Karppinen. On bass, it’s Nalle “Grizzly” Påhlsson. Lead vocals sit with Thomas Vikström and guitars, with Christian Vidal. Additionally, Lori Lewis adds studio vocals while Chiara Malvestiti and Rosalía Sairem join on tour for live vocals. Love or hate this symphonic metal, Therion has given the fans what they wanted. They have quality, talent and more to give on live shows.

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda



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