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The WaterStriders have released a new single, “I never die, my name is EXPECTATION”, from their album named “My Name is EXPECTATION”. You can watch the accompanying music video below.

The WaterStriders are a four-piece act hailing from Athens, Greece. The band in its current lineup was formed back in 2020 and their music could best be described as indie rock, alternative and garage pop. Influenced by such 80s and 90s British Pop, Alternative Rock and post-punk bands as Joy Division, The Smiths, Placebo, James, or American acts like The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana, The WaterStriders have formed their own style characterized by distorted guitars and melodic lines. The band has already released two singles off their forthcoming full-length album titled “My Name is EXPECTATION” (Old Bad Habits Label, November 4, 2022), and is currently writing new material while preparing for live performances. They have already performed live in Greece and made a special appearance on Greek National Radio.

They have just made a video clip for their single entitled “I never die, my name is EXPECTATION”.

The WaterStriders will give a special performance at Temple live stage, Athens, on 22 December 2022, in a mini Indie rock Festival, and a month later, January 22, 2022, they will present their most recent full-length album in its entirety at Sixdogs club, alongside special guests. Be there!


Manos “Immanic” Aretoulakis—voice, guitars 

Helias Koulouzis—bass guitar, backing vocals 

Giotis Petrellis—Drums and percussions 

Asterios Stelios Kotoulas—guitars 






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