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Omnifariam, the Puero Rican blackend death metal band, is streaming the music video for “The Outsiders”, the second single from the upcoming EP, The Summoning. This EP, scheduled for 18 November 2022 on CD and digital, is the first offering by the Puerto Rican blackened death metal horde to introduce their new drummer Josean Orta (also from Fit for an Autopsy).

Omnifariam informs:“‘The Outsiders’ tells the story of a blossoming society that gets trampled by a foreign legion for the sake of holding them down. This single shows a change of pace for us, and we’re excited to have it out there for you to enjoy”.

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Omnifariam has carved a reputation as one of the heaviest death metal acts on the Island. The quartet’s EP, Vitiate (2016), and full-length, The Art of Collision (2019), received significant praise in the local scene and paved the group’s way for sharing stages with prestigious names like Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and Vader. 

The Summoning is the first Omnifariam release to feature the newly recruited drummer Josean Orta (also from Fit for an Autopsy). When the band asked Orta to record the drums for this EP, he enthusiastically accepted the offer. Orta had knee surgery in 2020, and he used this opportunity to start getting back in shape to go on the road with Fit for an Autopsy. He eventually decided to stay as the full-time drummer of Omnifariam.

On The Summoning, Omnifariam mirrors death metal in different directions and eras, conjuring blackened, old school, and new school components. Precipitating a blizzard inferno by cracking the sky, the Puerto Rican horde incites the rites of war against the deceiving forces of the earth that scheme nothing but enslavement and dehumanization in the name of religion, truth, and light. The EP should serve as the next step to establish Omnifariam as a virulent threat in the global death metal scene.

Track Listing:
1. Deceivers of the Bleak
2. Leaders of the Dark
3. Enslaved
4. The Outsiders
5. Dehumanized

Gabriel Muñoz – Vocals 
Eric Martínez – Guitars
Jorge Hernández – Bass
Josean Orta – Drums


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