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A new power metal album is here and it is one of the best in its genre. It comes with new sounds and beats. The Unity always deliver awesome tracks and with this record, there was no exception. It’s their fifth album, since their 2017’s debut album, including a live one, “The Devil You Know”, released in 2021. “The Hellish Joyride” is a game changer, speaking of music and it’s a good surprise, since they have a new addiction in the lineup, Tobias “Eggi” Exxel (bass, Edguy), to other members; Henjo Richter (guitar) and Michael Ehré (drums) from  Gamma Ray; vocalist Jan Manenti; guitarist Stefan Ellerhorst and keyboardist Sascha Onnen. Let’s discover this new release! It starts with “One World”. An acoustic intro that suits well with the powerful voice of Jan. It’s a wonderful melody. Then “Masterpiece” follows, with heavier, faster riffs and harsher vocals, that will make the fans’ headbanging harder and harder. Probably the heaviest track this band has ever recorded so far. “The Hellish Joyride” starts with a mystic keyboard, followed by soft guitar riffs. It’s a very melodic metal song, which finishes as it starts: with a mystic keyboard. “Only the Good Die Young” it’s a hard rock song and we can hear Jan’s voice at its full potential. He can high and low his voice and register it at all the right times. The guitar riffs, keyboards, and drums are incredible here too. “Saints and Sinners” seems like the intro for the movie “The Exorcist”, but no, it’s a typical power metal song tune, with double bass and rapid G-string riffing. It’s a very well written song, from the vocals to all the instruments. Every power metal album needs a ballad and “Something Good” is that one. The track starts with the vocals from Jan struggling of losing someone, drums beats, a single guitar note extended like a depressed keyboard key. Then, after a minute and a half, all the instruments kick in. The song has a perfect chorus and ends with drumbeats. “Always Two Ways to Play” it’s their first single and it’s a very standard hard rock track, with nice guitar riffs. “Golden Sun” is a heavy mid-tempo song – the keyboards and the guitars play the same melody line and have the same structure, which is perfect. “Stay The Fool” is another rock song. It sounds like Pretty Maids. “Never Surrender” has fast tempos and blast beats. And finally, the last song, “You’re Not Forced to Stay”! Deep Purple keyboard sounds and heavy guitar riffs, is a great way to finish an album. This composition is a melancholic ballad about an ultimatum given to a partner. In a few words, “The Hellish Joyride” is a well-crafted, diverse, well-written, exciting and pleasant album to discover. If you like power metal and other genres all combined, you’ll love this one.


Raquel Miranda


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