by MythofRock

Hailing from Liverpool, UK, The Room began its career in the early 80s, however, they disbanded in 1985. And now they return with “Restless Fate” LP, since founding members vocalist Dave Jackson and bassist Becky Stringer reunited. I believe that this new album of The Room is pure joy, a real feast for every post-punk listener! Yes, every second of this album is absolutely fantastic, every note is like a treasure, ready to be found, ready to be explored. Listen to this album time after time, and you will be rewarded. Because “Restless Fate” contains really interesting, sophisticated and lyrical indie rock songs, a real pleasure for everyone, who seeks melody and finesse in music. What you will find here isn’t intricate, but the beauty of the music lies deep in the songs. Dave Jackson has the ideal voice for this kind of rock and sings in a serious, almost strict manner. The guitar sounds so warm and crystal clear, the rhythm section sets the groove and the keyboards add to the elegance of the final outcome. “Red Admiral”, “Sleepless”, “Time Comes”, “Crying Face” and “Cursed Islands” are just some of the album’s highlights, some examples of the majestic simplicity of “Restless Fate”. So, all the fans of the aforementioned genres are obliged to listen to this beautiful album – The Room showcase their songwriting skills and performance talents, they prove there were so many other things to say, they surprise everyone with an exceptional record!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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