by MythofRock

“Holy Ground” is released and the story of the music collective goes on. This time Glenn Hughes has joined The Dead Daisies. Hughes is one of the greatest personalities in rock/metal, he is none other than the Voice of Rock and an iconic and influential bassist. So, as it is expected, The Dead Daisies make full use of Hughes and his skills. It is a privilege for the super group to have Hughes in its line-up, they know it and the result is “Holy Ground”, an excellent piece of rock n’ roll art! The Dead Daisies play in a heavy rock style, with a today’s touch. You will listen to something very fresh and volatile, an album full of nice song ideas. Every song has a catchy refrain, some huge riffs, exciting solos, interesting parts and a pounding, super-heavy rhythm section. It is the rock n’ roll groove and feeling that makes this music work the perfect company for every rock/metal fan. In my opinion, “Holy Ground” is the answer to everyone, who insists that rock is dead. No, rock is alive, because albums like this one simply keep it alive … and kicking! I take it for granted that the new The Dead Daisies album will be a big success. Yes, this super group isn’t just a firework, on the contrary, every chapter in its discography has something important to tell! “Holy Ground” is the band’s fifth step in the golden alley of rock/metal – a superb album that will please even the doubters! I love it!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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