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Alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate present their greatly anticipated ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, released on April 28 via Sett Records in North America and elsewhere via Nexilis Records /  Schubert Music Europe. It arrives nine years after debuting with ‘The Night Watch’ EP.

Six years in the making, ‘Vestige & Vigil’ is truly a distillation of life in the modern age, made timeless by the deep truths conveyed in the work, whether by word or by note. This is a hard-hitting album for those who hear the call.

Produced by William Faith, whose credits include Jarboe, Clan of Xymox, Bootblacks and Autumn, and Chad Blinman (Face To Face, Faith and The Muse, Jarboe), Faith recorded this music at 13 Studio in Chicago, which Blinman then mixed at The Eye Socket.

‘Vestige & Vigil’ offers a view of the world from two perspectives: Vestige (a celebration of what remains) and Vigil (an acknowledgement of what’s been lost).

Ahead of this, the band presents the album’s final single ‘Golden Age’. With its ethereal atmosphere and haunted vocals, ‘Golden Age’ warns of getting lost in nostalgia at the cost of the time that remains, yielding an unforgettable shimmering chorus that stays with you. Directed by William Faith, the video was created by Sarah Rose Faith, Kristen Chiacchia, Hani von Gehenna and William Faith with images by Bobby Talamine, Kristen Chiacchia and James Currie.

Based in Chicago, The Bellwether Syndicate is William Faith (vox, guitars), Sarah Rose Faith (vox, guitars), Philly Peroxide (keyboards, percussion), Stevyn Grey (drums) and Corey Gorey (guitars). Formerly of seminal goth acts Christian Death, Mephisto Walz and Shadow Project and co-founder of Faith & The Muse, William Faith moved from his native LA to Chicago in 2010, forming The Bellwether Syndicate with Sarah Rose Faith a.k.a. Scary Lady Sarah, one of the scene’s most eminent DJs and club promoters and host of Nocturna, the longest-running goth event in North America.

“Golden Age’ is a rare gift in that I received nearly the entire song in a dream… The beat, the guitar and bass melody, and the chorus lyric were all just there in my head when I woke up and, without saying a word to Sarah, I ran down to the studio to capture it before I lost it,” explains William Faith.

“It has a haunting quality which felt very nostalgic to me, so the lyric is really about the danger of getting lost in nostalgia and losing the present as a result. This is a conversation we have a lot, as so many people seem to stop looking ahead, content to rummage through the past. I’ve always said that tomorrow is way more interesting to me than yesterday, so this song warns about getting stuck there. As for the chorus, it’s anyone’s guess what it means, as it’s all a dream!”

The band earlier released the singles ‘We All Rise’ (a tale of hope and struggle, of inner-courage and rage for what could be), ‘Beacons’ (its ‘set adrift’ narrative supported by liquid, chorused guitars and distress-signal bass and synth) and the glam-noir lead track ‘Dystopian Mirror’.

‘Golden Age’ is out now. As of April 28, the ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album will be availabie from all fine digital outlets, including Apple Music and Spotify, and also directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

1. Vestige
2. Beacons
3. Noir Thing
4. We All Rise
5. Republik
6. Clarion
7. Vigil
8. Dystopian Mirror
9. Wetworks
10. Golden Age
11. And If We Miss The Night
12. Voltairine


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