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Dark Matter is an ideal band for the fans of progressive/heavy rock music. Riffy, loud and catchy and at the same time, complex, elegant and sophisticated, Dark Matter released some months ago their “The Rectory” album, which rocks big time, a release for the thinking listener. Myth of Rock came in contact with Dave Gilbert (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dark Matter’s mastermind, who gave the answers to our questions.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Give us a short biography of Dark Matter.

Dark Matter started as a solo project for me in 2014. In 2016 it became a two piece, adding drummer Stefan Hepe. Two albums were recorded. In 2020, bassist Gary Aubert and guitarist Alex Perry joined. However, Stefan unfortunately had to leave the band due to work. Dark Matter are now a three piece.


Which albums have you released until now?

“Dark Matter” in 2015, which was a homemade CD-R, “Wood Lane” in 2017, “The Ghosts of Dunwich” in 2019 and “The Rectory” in 2022.


Your latest album is “The Rectory”.  Which are your feelings now that you have a new album out? Would you change something to it, if you had the chance?

“The Rectory” is an album we are so proud of. It’s an album that needed to be released. An album to settle the new guys in. There is absolutely nothing that we would change on it. We made sure we got it as perfect for us as possible.


How much has Dark Matter progressed musically in the new album? Where would you trace the differences between “The Rectory” and your previous albums?

Oh, we have progressed dramatically. Adding Gary on bass and Alex on guitar, has opened everything up for me. I’m the main writer for the band and I like to write deep, progressive music. The new guys are wonderful, talented lads. Stefan used to produce us and obviously play the drums. I do all that now.


Where and when was “The Rectory” recorded, who was the producer and who was the one, who did the mixing/the mastering?

We record our music in our own studios. Alex and myself produce the music and I do the mixing and mastering.


Who is responsible for the music and lyrics in Dark Matter? How is a Dark Matter song usually composed?

I write the lyrics and the song structure normally, then the other guys compose their parts. However, Alex and Gary have also written lyrics/riffs on a couple of our new tracks.


How would you describe the music style of Dark Matter? Which are your music trademarks?

Dark, deep, heavy, progressive rock. Music definitely created from the heart. Honest music. Think Black Sabbath circa ’73 – 78, with long, progressive passages. Loads of riffs and loads of lead guitar.


Where do your lyrics refer to? Your favorite topics?

I tend to write about the problems of the world, the dark side, myths/stories of my home area. Everything I write is always anti evil. Always a positive message in those songs about war, environment issues etc. We live in a very sad world where man has learnt absolutely nothing about the simple things. Love and peace is all we need.


Which is your favorite song off “The Rectory” and why?

For me, it has to be ‘The Rectory’. That song was composed from two songs that I recorded for the home made album back in 2015. It is a song about a house connected with my family and the things that happened there. It’s a very unfinished story also on my part.


Which are your music influences? Your favorite artists/bands?

Black Sabbath are my favourite band. I love 70’s hard rock, lived through the nwobhm movement as a lad and love 70’s prog and many prog bands of today.


Which is the atmosphere and the feeling of your music?

Dark and foreboding, with the excitement of knowing there’s something interesting coming. We love riffs.


Which are your ambitions for Dark Matter?

To make a huge impact as a recording artist. To make incredible albums for as long as possible.


How did the pandemic affect you?

We are a recording machine, so not at all.


How did the contract with WormHoleDeath come? How do you feel being in the WormHoleDeath roster?

I was contacted by Jacobi, who works for WormHoleDeath. He had heard Alex and myself on our collaboration album entitled ‘Arcadian Temple’. He asked if WormHoleDeath could release it worldwide. We got in contact and they decided they’d like to release the new Dark Matter album. We are very proud that a label like WormHoleDeath love our music. It says a lot.


Do you have any tour plans?

No, none at all. It’s all about creating records.


Send your message to the fans!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have bought our albums and support us. We really appreciate every one of you. There is lots more to come. For those of you who haven’t yet heard us. Give us a listen. We’ll probably surprise you.


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