by MythofRock

“We are the ones who bring the fire”, they declare, and after listening to their album, there is no alternative but to agree with them! Tailgunner, the promising newcomers, have unleashed their first full-length album, and each track serves as a statement that they are here to blast your speakers with their … fire! This emerging band delivers a potent album, featuring explosive sounds, poignant lyrics and nostalgic melodies. Drawing inspiration from heavyweights like Iron Maiden and Helloween, Tailgunner seamlessly weaves elements of old-school heavy metal with thrash influences, all while maintaining their distinctive, personal style. The album kicks off with “Shadows Of War”, showcasing the band’s readiness for musical warfare, with their instruments as their weapons, of course. After this … war is over, here comes “Guns For Hire” that is without doubt one of the stronest songs of this release, and perfectly represents the sound and music style of the album. Craig Cairns’ powerful vocals harmonize seamlessly with the lyrics, a consistent strength across every song. “Revolution Scream” is one of the album’s highlights, delivering a melodic and energetic performance with a rich tapestry of musical nuances in every instrument and vocal arrangement. Then, “Crashdive” treats listeners to a multifarious guitar solo, accompanied by dynamic rhythm shifts in the drumming—a masterfully crafted piece offering a multitude of flavors from this musical wolf pack. Each song serves as a preparation for the next one, leading up to the epic finale, “Rebirth”, the longest track on the album. It serves as a fitting conclusion to this outstanding musical journey, leaving us eagerly anticipating more from this highly promising band. In summary, this album leaves nothing to be desired. Inspired, meticulously crafted, powerful, featuring insightful lyrics, and performed by exceptionally talented musicians. Tailgunner has poured their souls and creativity into this work, and the result is a remarkable release. This album is undeniably deserving of attention and marks the beginning of what I hope will be a series of many exceptional releases from this talented group.

♦ 9/10

Argiro Vailakaki

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