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Stella Wembley, the talented songstress hailing from Leeds, UK, unveils a mesmerizing sonic journey with her latest EP, featuring the intriguing track “Wasting My Time” in four versions – the regular one, the “Cold Minimal Wave Remix”, the “Bionic Visions Electro Remix” and the “Bionic Visions Dark Ambient Remix”. This electro-goth offering delves into a realm of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, showcasing Wembley’s talent in blending haunting melodies with an electronic edge. The EP opens with the regular version, a captivating dark synth pop/gothic track that sets the tone for the entire musical experience. From the outset, Wembley’s haunting vocals take center stage, delivering lyrics that are both introspective and emotionally charged. There is a mood of melancholic beauty, drawing the listeners into the depth of the song. The “Cold Minimal Wave Remix” brings a distinctive touch to the song, infusing it with an icy and atmospheric quality. The minimalistic yet powerful arrangement allows Stella Wembley’s voice to shine, creating a synergy between the electronic elements and her emotive delivery. The second remix, “Bionic Visions Electro Remix”, successfully transforms the original, adding layers of complexity and intrigue. The third, final remix, “Bionic Visions Dark Ambient Remix”, which is my favorite, has a better sound production – everything is clearer, louder and you can listen to the wonderful vocals of Stella. Overall, this EP is an exploration of the electro-goth nuances, in a meticulous production, which punctuates the use of electronic instrumentation, combined with Wembley’s evocative vocal style. The fusion of ethereal melodies, pulsating beats, and introspective lyrics forms a cohesive narrative that unfolds across the entirety of the release. Stella Wembley’s EP, featuring the alluring “Wasting My Time”, successfully immerses listeners in a world of dark beauty, where haunting vocals and atmospheric electronic elements coalesce.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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