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Mikael Rosengren, the drummer of Dirty Passion, Revolverlution and Bai Bang, has launched his new side project, Steel Rhino, where he is accompanied by his mate Filip Vilhelmsson (guitar and bass) and the one and only Herbie Langhans (Firewind, SinBreed etc.). This Swedish band has just released its self-titled debut album, which was produced by Rosengren, mixed by Jakob Herrmann and mastered by Jacob Hansen. To be frank, in the beginning I hadn’t any expectations, but as soon as I listened to the album thoroughly, I understood that Steel Rhino really kicks ass! Yes, we are talking about a great debut album, which is full of marvelous songs, melodic, catchy, fresh and sharp! Steel Rhino masterfully blends hard rock and heavy metal, getting its influences mainly from the decades of the 80s and the 90s. You should be prepared for excellent hard rock/classic metal, with a true arena rock/hair metal feeling and some modern touches. The Swedish band is based on big anthemic choruses, powerful riffs and fine melodic hooks, which will take you by storm! You won’t find a filler here, every song is exceptional, crafted with inspiration and passion. As a result, we enjoy top class loud and wild music, with amazing performances from the three musicians – especially Langhans, who sings perfectly! Nowadays we don’t often hear songs like “Lovin Easy”, “Life We Choose”, “Boom Boom” and “New Tomorrow” – 80s melodic hard rock/heavy metl revives with such songs. We are here ready to bang our heads and shake up and down in a live show of Steel Rhino – it’s rock n’ roll and we like it, mutha!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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