by Antonis Mantzavinos

Spacedrifter, a band from the town of Mariestad in Sweden, is a very promising group of musicians, who will actually release very soon their first LP, called ‘When the colors fade’. This is an album with strong influences from the post-grunge era, something very clearly noticeable from the first track ‘Dwell’. Throughout the record, you can find different elements of heavy rock, psychedelia, and overall, an imperative 90s alternative rock shadow, both in music and lyrics which overwhelms and pretty much conquers everything around this record. Heavy and distorted guitars, blended with melancholic and gloomy vocals, doomy rhythm section and noteworthy leads consist of very good album which does not take a lot of effort to but indeed impress the listener with its direct and groovy way of delivering the goods.

There are of course punk rock impacts (e.g.: ‘Radio Edit’) as well, which contribute to its more diverse and bigger spectrum of influences, however the prominent idea of ‘When the colors fade’ is the 90s post-grunge, alternative era. Even stoner rock is projected as well (e.g.: Spellbound’ and ‘Buried in Stone’), which means that these guys definitely love the 90s! And that is not bad thing at all! To the contrary..
The album closes with the s/t song, a power ballad, a mellow and melancholic ending, which sets the tone and marks the overall character of this album and the band I must say. This closing song gives a lot of credit to Spacedrifter for the fact that they can so successfully mingle all these different elements of the post-grunge era with beautiful vocals and guitars.

As album highlights, should I choose any songs, I would select ‘Thousand Days’, ‘Buried in Stone’, ‘Through the Desert’ and the s/t one.

I hope to see you guys soon on the road! Keep up the good work!


by Antonis Mantzavinos

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