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Portland-based musical nonconformists, Sky Lions, have unleashed their debut album “Inside The Circle” and it’s a sonic adventure that transcends boundaries, blending post-punk, alternative, gothic rock and hard rock into a nine-track powerhouse of creativity. The duo, consisting of Radio Sloan and Outer Stace, not only brings a wealth of musical experience but also a profound connection that dates back to their childhood, creating an album that reflects both their shared history and artistic synergy. From the first notes of the album, it’s clear that Sky Lions is not afraid to explore the edges of musical expression. The post-punk influence is palpable, with angular guitar riffs and pulsating basslines that create a sense of urgency. Yet, Sky Lions infuse alternative rock and hard rock elements to craft a sound that is uniquely their own. Each track unfolds like a chapter, revealing different facets of the duo’s musical identity. What stands out prominently in “Inside The Circle” is the almost telepathic musical communication between Sloan and Stace. This psychic musical connection translates into a solid and dynamic album, where everything is possible, where every song adds a layer to the overall exciting experience. There’s a sense of authenticity in the music, which makes “Inside The Circle” not just an album to hear, but an experience to feel. In conclusion, Sky Lions’ debut album, “Inside The Circle,” is the result of the creative prowess of the duo. With a fearless exploration of genres, a deep-rooted musical connection, and a commitment to authenticity, the album stands as a powerful statement in the contemporary rock landscape. For those seeking a musical journey that defies conventions and resonates with emotional depth, “Inside The Circle” is a must-listen, showcasing the artistic brilliance of Sky Lions. Get inside the circle and experience a perplexed, intelligent album, made by a shadowy duo.

♦ 8/10

         Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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