by MythofRock

Sirenia presents us its tenth studio album, “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” – what we can see, is that they moved from their gothic and symphonic sound and invested into pop metal and electronic sounds. This album, which was produced at Morten Veland’s studio, in Norway, is quite diverse I must say. It starts with “Addiction No. 1” and it’s the single. The track opens with an electronic vibe and then, the guitar riffs kick with all the power and the chorus has an eurodance melody. “Towards an Early Grave” opens with a techno/keyboard feeling and then, the riffs start. The melodies here are exquisite in every way. “Into Infinity” is very futuristic and sounds like Rammstein and fellow gothic industrial band, Kovenant. The lyrics are kind of morbid and sound like the struggles of living in these troubled times. The key elements give this song an unique and powerful energy. Very nice tune. The next one, “Passing Seasons”, reminds me of the ‘90s. You don’t know why? The intro, the enigmatic atmosphere, the voice, the keyboard and the drums. For those who miss that era, this one is for you. And I love Emmanuelle’s voice here. She can sing from clean, to an operatic way here. The next single, “We Come to Ruins” is very Sirenia and we are very relieved. If you’re familiar with Sirenia’s previous albums, you know what I’m talking about. Fast guitar riffs, Morten’s growls, mystery, fantasy, gothic and symphonic voice. “Downwards Spiral” is very ‘frenchy’ and has a guest vocalist: long-time friend, Joakim Næss. “Beneath The Midnight” returns to the industrial elements, followed by fast guitar riffs and angry drum beats. Love its energy. I’m a fan of the golden age of the ‘80s, specially the synthwave era. And my favorite band from that era is, no other than Tears For Fears. The drums on this song reminds me of ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. So far, I’ve listened Rammstein, Kovenant and now, Tears For Fears. This is the sound I want to hear in a record. Nice job, Michael Brush. Very mystical in a good way is “December Snow”. The album finishes with “Voyage Voyage”, a cover by the French artist, Desireless. Very beautiful and remains to the original, with Michael adding a change on the tune. I think it’s a good way to finish a record. This album is a new experience, for both the band and the listener. They’ve created new landscapes, visually and musically speaking, and must be heard. Very nice.

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda


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