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Siena Root is a quite active collective throughout their career. Based in Stockholm, this band has offered us some excellent vintage rock albums and they have distinguished themselves as a prominent group in that genre, despite the line-up changes, a fact that has not altered the core of their sound. So, the follow-up of “A Dream of Lasting Peace” has a lot of wonderful moments to offer to the listener and is a remarkable work overall which is absolutely worth their career and discography.


Sam Riffer and Love H Forsberg, long time bandmates and main songwriters, know this job so well, that they leave no doubt to the fan about the overall outcome. This record is different from the previous ones. It sounds fresher, more progressive in a way, and the female vocals (has played an important role on this direction). There is also a beautiful use on the synths and keyboards, in the sense that they provide a mellow and nostalgic framework to the whole groovy and catchy sound, their trademark groove is of course the center of attention, and something that their fan base absolutely love to listen to. Matte Gustafsson contributes some great riffs, leads and solos, which perfectly fit the overall feeling, and seems to be the perfect companion to the whole group.


This band has a very effective, solid and determined way to apply its tunes and style, but on the other hand, the sound is so ‘organic’ that you know it’s Siena Root, even by the very first riffs or drum beats. And, as always, their sound has influences, which span from hard rock, rhythm n’ blues, 60s/70s rock scene, even funk and psychedelic Rock, which basically means that this a record with new ideas and songs, but filtered by the veil of their own trademark elements of creation. A brilliant song which stands out and differentiates is  “Mender”, a real representative of what this record is all about: Groove, Lyricism, Dynamic rhythm section and a fantastic vocal line. There is always the spiritual element, mingling and uniting all their influences and sounds. Another highlight of the record is for me is “When a Fool Wears the Crown”, a perfect example of the evolution and the fact they also blink their eye to their rich discography.


Of course, their oriental influences are present here as well, with “Daughter of the Mountains” standing out as a beautiful ‘heavy ballad’ which helps you travel in time and space. Speaking about spirituality.. Simply brilliant.. This album is the perfect mixture of their glorious past and a great present, looking nicely towards a highly anticipated future as well.

Enjoy !

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos



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