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The Stockholm vintage rockers Siena Root finally release their new album, an exciting album by all means, mingling heavy rock riffs, beautiful melodies, groovy tunes on their own trademark way, the way we have learned them throughout all these years they have been playing. The driving force on this record, which adds to the albums’ charm and elegance, are the fantastic vocals of Zubaida Solid, whose hard work on the latter years of being with Siena root really shows up here. I believe she has added an incredible flair to this album, she is the gentle force, which perfectly fits the overall record. Having watched her live with Siena Root, I have to confess that she is the perfect voice for what the band is playing. Her voice travels the listener to another dimension, her deep and colorful vocals really characterize “Revelation” and make it stand out as an enjoyable piece of ‘70s oriented heavy rock music, which truly appeals to the audience. The album follows the pattern of the band’s latter work, it is a beautiful journey through time, discovering new experiences and territories through their mystical way of producing such beautiful tunes. The sound is magically organic and warm, the guitar riffs stimulate the listener’s interest on every ‘corner’ of the songs, the drumming together with the bass lines formulate an unbeatable groove and the ‘oriental’ passages with the acoustic/semi-acoustic guitars or the flute travel all to another level, another reality, a new territory ready to be explored. This band was never afraid to be versatile, experimental or willing to go further where music calls them to discover new things. And the true focal point of “Revelation” is Zubaida herself. A muse calling for a new music travel through time and space. ‘No Peace’, ‘Dusty Roads’, ‘Little Burden’, and ‘Keeper of the Flame’ would be the songs I would mostly pick up from the album as highlights. However, the whole album on its entirety has a lot to offer you from every aspect, both if you prefer their first period or the latter one. Looking forward to see the band live again and be seduced by their lovely and magical energy which is revealed through “Revelation”.

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos





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