by MythofRock

Mick Butler presents us the new album, “Garbage Town”, of his solo project, Sicky. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of groups and artists, from David Bowie and ELO to Muse and Blur, Sicky manages to make its own stylistic proposal and offers us a collection of pretty interesting songs. With some really catchy melodies, with hooky vocal lines, driving beats, and extraordinary arrangements, the songs of “Garbage Town” are delightful and will please every eclectic listener of pop music. Yes, Sicky is an alternative pop artist, who writes clever, beautiful little songs, ideal for everyone who likes elegant, sophisticated poppy music. Of course, Sicky isn’t reinventing pop music, but gives us an alternative version of pop, which won’t make you bored. To the contrary, his fresh song ideas will make you feel good, will bring a smile on your face. To sum up, Sicky succeeds in making a funny, cool record of smart, smooth compositions, somewhere between alternative music and pop. Just listen to “The Bridge”, “None Of That”, “A Bite Without A Mark” and “Garbage Town” and you will have an idea. “Garbage Town” is a fine piece of art. Nothing avant-garde, progressive and complex, but classy and charming! Congratulations, Sicky!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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