by MythofRock

German dark rockers Scarlet Dorn released their third work, “Queen Of Broken Dreams”, some months ago. The album starts with “Falling”, which is very dramatic and theatrical, and we can feel the energy in Scarlet’s vocals, alongside the tenderness of the guitars. “Born To Suffer” has a Lord Of The Lost vibe, amazing guitar work, especially on the solo, it is seductive, in its dark own way! The title track is the most electronic track of them all, especially the opening! Then the guitars and keyboards appear, delivering a mystic atmosphere to the song. One of the best songs of the record, amazing! “Your Highness” is the most mysterious, the most gothic song –  heavy guitar lines, bass and drums, all combined with a twist of gloom and ghoulish vocals, this track is a masterpiece. “A Light That Blinds the Truth” follows the same atmosphere, a gothic/horror environment. What makes it even better is the piano – trust me! Then, “Meteor” is dreamy and can bring light at the end of the tunnel. Very uplifting, with vocals and guitars that fit really well. “Unstill Life” is a hard rock track, full of powerful riffs. “When You See Me Again” is very relaxing, ideal to lie down and shut down your eyes – listen to the piano part. Despite being sad, it can be lovely at the same time and the guitars uplift the mood. “Love Wasn’t Made for Me” is a very emotional ballad, which delivers a powerful message! In “What Are We to Do” we can hear how the music tempos change. This is a very professional,  beautiful and smooth song – Scarlet has a voice like silk, and all the instruments are well played! “Tonight” is melancholic, however, the piano gives hope to the lost souls, to find their soul. And finally: “A Million Miles Away”! A very doomy and gloomy way to end! This album will make the listener crave for more! It has beauty and mystery, a doom sound combined with gothic and hard rock. Even electronic elements. Scarlet Dorn and “Queen Of Broken Dreams” are worth listening and knowing more. The listeners won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

♦ 8,5/10

Raquel Miranda






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