by MythofRock

Running Wild has never stopped releasing good records. Yes, their latest releases aren’t very close to the masterpieces of the past, but we always listen to decent new albums from the Germans. This time we have “Blood on Blood” in front of us, which Rock n’ Rolf says it is the best Running Wild to date, however, that’s surely an exaggeration. “Blood on Blood” is a good Running Wild album, nothing more and nothing less. It continues the tradition of the power metal masters, it has all the Running Wild characteristics and every song has something special to tell. In “Blood on Blood” you will find some songs in the classic, ferocious Running Wild style (“Blood on Blood”, “Say Your Prayers’, “Wings of Fire”, “Diamonds & Pearls”, “Crossing The Blades”), two epics (with some folk elements) (“The Shellback”, “The Iron Times (1618-1648)”), two songs with a party rock/fun feeling (“Wild & Free”, “Wild, Wild Nights”) and a very interesting and groovy experimental song, “One Night, One Day”. No one will get disappointed with this new Running Wild album, as it has things to offer. Just embrace the album and you will be rewarded. In a few words, Rock n’ Rolf has made another nice album, not only for the fans, but also for everyone who likes melodic, epic and adventurous power/speed metal. Yes, the glorious days of the past seem distant, yet Rock n’ Rolf and co. are here again with their signature sound, ready to bring joy to everybody.

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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