by MythofRock


I always have seen Redemption as a personal power/progressive metal sanctuary. Every Redemption album has given power/progressive metal fans a generous portion of their beloved genre. ”I Am The Storm” is no exception, of course. Redemption’s new album is again the perfect mix of power metal with progressive metal, a heavy metal amalgam, which is rough and melodic, loud and emotional, at the same time. The band members’ technique is stunning, the song arrangements and structures are intricate, however, every musician here plays with elegance and feeling. The phenomenal performances in every song sound so dramatic, even elegiac. Nicholas van Dyk, guitarist and founder of the band, has prepared a magical collection of enchanting power/progressive metal compositions (“Seven Minutes from Sunset”, “The Emotional Depiction of Light”, “Action at a Distance” among others), a gorgeous work of art, where heaviness gives space to melody and musicianship. Listen to the amazing guitar work, listen to the keyboard phrases of Vikram Shankar, the unstoppable beat of the rhythm section, the captivating, heartfelt vocals of Tom Englund. ”I Am the Storm” is what the title says: a manic sonic storm, which comes to devastate everything on its way. Come listen to this furious metal masterpiece, I am sure you will be taken by storm. Do not hesitate at all, my friends, even the two covers (to “Turn It On Again” of Genesis and “Red Rain” of Peter Gabriel) are incredible… It is already raining, the storm is coming near …

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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