by MythofRock

A heavy metal juggernaut, a fine example of teutonic heavy metal, a true force of contemporary heavy metal music. That’s Rebellion, who has just released a new album and effortlessly prove all of the above. “We Are The People” stands as a priceless opus of majestic war metal. But this label, war metal, is too narrow for the band, who includes so many things in this astonishing new album. Yes, what we hear in these new songs is genuine war metal, however, at the same time Rebellion gives a modern touch and some characteristics from other metal genres to their German metal sound. I can detect many different elements here, for instance doom metal, extreme metal, even gothic metal elements! The factor, which makes this LP a really great work, is, firstly, the inspiration of the band members, who have crafted really interesting, catchy songs and, secondly, the aforementioned artistic variety. “We Are The People” has compositions (i.e. “Vaterland”, “Gods of War”, “Sweet Dreams” and others) that are going to stick to your mind with their melodic lines, their darkened atmosphere, and no escape is possible. The Germans have no fear, no anxiety, only big self-confidence, which allows experimentations and prohibits clichés. Every time I listen to this album I feel I explore something new, something beautiful. The ones who will trust it will surely be rewarded  The institution of Rebellion gets sronger and stronger with this kind of albums. Come taste the band and its new songs. You will be surprised.

♦ 8/10

       Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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