by MythofRock

Paradise Lost have never released a really bad album. Sometimes they seemed to have followed a wrong direction, but in general, their albums always featured very interesting songs. So, now it’ s time for “Medusa” to continue the band’s tradition. And “Medusa” is delivering the goods in an excellent way, especially if you think that the Brits are going back to their roots. Indeed, in their new album Paradise Lost remember the sound of their first albums and offer us a gothic metal present, which may shock the listener. It’s the huge riffs, the solid rhythm section and especially, the combination of brutal and clean vocals by Nick Holmes that will haunt you. The quintet was very inspired and prepared eight well-crafted songs for us – we are glad that Paradise Lost are experiencing a second youth! From the opener of their new opus, “Fearless Sky”, to the epilogue, “Until The Grave”, we admire the quality and the passion of the band’s music, we are astonished by the great musical ideas. “Medusa” doesn’t tell us something different, it is an album that continues the legacy of the band though. Some may say that the band goes with the trends in heavy metal music nowadays, however, Paradise Lost were the pioneers and they have the right to play again what they started many years ago. So, just listen to their gothic metal hymns, enjoy the doom and gloom of “Medusa” and live some very special moments. The quintet has spoken and their musical words sound so fresh and impressive. The longest winter has come!

→ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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