by MythofRock

Overkill is one of those bands (not many out there) who never disappoint us. Never make us have second thoughts. They always deliver the goods, no matter the situation, the timing, the condition the band is. “Scorched” could have never been an exception to the rule, and is a great album, with a very fresh and modern sound, it tears down your stereo and leaves no prisoners.

It has been so many years since the early 80s that this band has been active and actually Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth  and D. D. Verni have so many things to be proud of.. What a career! Well, “Scorched” is the 20th studio record of the American thrashers, and it still has all the DNA of the band to the core! This is how modern thrash should be played, and Overkill have proved it numerous times: 80s thrash could have never sounded more fresh, more contemporary, and always incorporating new ideas to the groovy, sharply edged, and catchy riffs. Menacing guitars, cutting edge bass lines, solid rhythm section without any doubts, ‘pissed off’ vocals of the convincing Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth altogether in a package which makes you headbanging and doing air guitar without any hesitation.

“Scorched” is another perfect example of what the essence of Overkill as a band is almost 4 decades now: they stick to the point and to what they are really made off, without looking to impress you doing other things, rather than playing they music they love to, and this is what makes them differentiate from the rest out there. Sublime! Tracks which stand out to my humble opinion: ‘Fever’, ‘The Surgeon’, ‘Scorched’, ‘Going Home’, ‘Know her Name’. And don’t be fooled: This is pure thrash, but, BUT: it has a lot of melodies, it has a lot of catchy and well refined moments that add up to its diverse but also ‘direct – in your face’ attitude.

Last but not least, what needs to be mentioned and be given credit to is the amazing work on vocals by Mr. Blitz. This guy not only knows so f***ng well to deliver the vocals on every single second, but to me, he is one of the very best out there! His trademark vocals have marked and still does a whole era, a whole generation. Simply amazing…

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos




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