by MythofRock

When you have Bill Hudson (guitar, ex- Trans-Siberian Orchestra, U.D.O. etc.), Christian Eriksson (vocals, ex – Twilight Force) and Patrick Johansson (drums, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) in one band, then you know that you are in front of a supergroup. The Swedish-American band was formed in late 2017 and as we heard in their first single “Shape Your Reality”, the band is serving the power metal genre. Well, after listening to the “Welcome to Paradise” debut, I feel that the power metal album of the year was just released! NorthTale sounds as the perfect mix of Hammerfall, Helloween, Stratovarius and Yngwie Malmsteen, and is an ideal choice for all the fans of the aforementioned genre. From the very beginning until the end of the album, we are presented with much-inspired heavy metal music, based on great melodies – the stunning vocals of Eriksson, the singular guitar work of Hudson and the incredibly solid and strong rhythm section fly you on a flawless music journey. It is an impressive ride, a breath-taking experience that cannot be forgotten. NorthTale isn’t of course reinventing power metal music, but they shape a record, which should not be missed. Give a try and soon you will be amazed by the hymns of the album – “Higher”, “Follow Me”, “Shape Your Reality”, “The Rhythm of Life”, “Everyone’s a Star” and “Siren’s Fall” are real music gems, compositions that may keep you good company, state-of-the-art songs that prove the songwriting genius of NorthTale. We should also mention the fantastic way in which the musicians’ technique is fused with the melodic simplicity and the anthemic feeling of “Welcome To Paradise”. What a wonderful work from extraordinary musicians! Choose to listen to this album and you will pass the gates of the power metal paradise. This is heaven!

♦ 8.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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