by MythofRock

Even nowadays, there are artists who deny to get categorized, transcending the boundaries of genres and clichés to forge their own musical identity. Nick Hudson, the UK-born, Tbilisi-based artist, has firmly established himself as one such visionary with his latest solo endeavor, “Kanda Teenage Honey”. A daring fusion of experimental pop, heartfelt balladry, avant-garde exploration, even with hints of … black metal, this album is the result of Hudson’s boundless creative spirit. From the opening to the final notes, “Kanda Teenage Honey” takes listeners through a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions. Hudson’s multifaceted talents as a composer, artist, image-maker, activist, and writer converge seamlessly, resulting in a work that is as intellectually and emotionally stimulating. At its core, the album is a celebration of boldness and fantasy, with each track serving as a portal to something different. From infectious pop melodies to hauntingly beautiful ballads, Hudson effortlessly leaves no stone unturned in his quest for sonic exploration. Yet, for all its technical intricacy and boundary-pushing innovation, “Kanda Teenage Honey” never loses sight of its purpose to connect with the listener on an emotional level. In Hudson’s capable hands, even the most avant-garde compositions are infused with several emotions. Overall, we are talking about a musical gem of alternative pop. With its experimentation and emotional depth and warmth, Nick Hudson’s new album touches the soul of the listener. It is a revelation, a record, which will captivate you from the first to the last song!


Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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