by MythofRock

Mother of Millions is one of the few band names that comes to one’s mind, when referring to progressive rock/metal from Greece. “Sigma” is their new musical work and surely a great moment in the band’s career. Because, musically speaking, this album is a good example of how progressive music should sound. First of all, the band has a genuine passion that is reflected in their songs. They feel what they perform, and what we hear is a spontaneous confession of their inner strength. “Sigma” is emotional and atmospheric, it is a unique musical expression that cannot be ignored. Yes, the members of the band have a great technique, but the first thing someone notices here is the feeling that this band has. Mother of Millions take progressive rock/metal and merge it with heart, melody and fantasy. It’s a Rush meets Porcupine Tree situation, it’s an amalgam of Tool and Anathema, and the diverse descriptions have no end. Of course, “Sigma” may be praised by alternative rock fans too (some Soundgarden and Pearl Jam influences can be enlisted). Above all, Mother of Millions are inspired, focused and great songwriters – there are so many melodic hooks, from the first to the last second of this incredible music disc. The fans of the band won’t be surprised – all the others should pay attention to this state-of-the-art recording: a magnificent collection of songs are here to be explored. The Greek proggers made a miracle. Emotional prog rock/metal at its finest!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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