by MythofRock

“The Dark Parade” is Mordred’s first full-length studio album in 27 years! Yes, the legendary crossover band has returned with new material and all fans of weird metal should pay attention. This fourth full-length album of the San Francisco metallers picks up from where the band stopped with the “The Next Room” (1994) album. Again, I feel we have to congratulate Mordred for their songwriting genius and their artistic integrity. Because the American band is inspired, super-creative and bold – its nice ideas become very interesting songs, which don’t let the listener to get bored. Let’s see what we have here. Mordred gives many different dimensions to its heavy metal style; you will find here thrash metal, rap metal, nu-metal, classic metal, punk rock, even jazz and folk elements! It is obvious that the band doesn’t have any musical taboos and limits, doesn’t stop before any obstacle, and won’t ever compromise. That’s how we get songs like “Demonic #7”, “Malignancy”, “The Dark Parade” and “All Eyes On The Prize”, that’s how in the same songs we will find both guitar solos and turntable sounds, that’s how “The Dark Parade” is a musical venture, which will carry you away! Mordred had been a highly-influential metal band and if you listen to “The Dark Parade”, you will find the reason why. It is so nice to see such bands being active again – thus, Mordred come back from the dead and kick our ass with their groovy tunes!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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