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After two exceptional albums with Michael Schenker Fest, Michael Schenker is back again with his legendary Michael Schenker Group and the “Immortal” album. This release coincides with Michael Schenker’s anniversary of his 40 years as a solo artist and his 50 years as a musician – it is a reason to celebrate, a reason to rejoice and Michael Schenker is going back to his roots, by bringing MSG back to life. “Immortal” is a hard n’ heavy feast, the result of a unique meeting of Michael Schnker with some of his friends and brothers in arms. It is an album of singular hard n’ heavy music, which contains great compositions, with catchy vocal melodies and an amazing guitar work. Michael Schenker is the definite super guitar hero, who is doing whatever extraordinary he wants with his black and white Flying V. His signature sound is here of course, his guitar phrases and solos are so sweet, so beautiful, really miraculous! The true legend of Michael Schenker is shining brightly in “Immortal”, his style stands robust and consummate, garnishing the fresh, agile songs of this new release. Apart from the awesome guitars of the album, here you will be able to enjoy some really incredible voices; Ralf Scheepers, Ronnie Romero, Michael Voss and Joe Lynn Turner are singing and send us to paradise with their magnificent performances. What is more, the monstrous rhythm section (Barry Sparks on bass, Bodo Schopf/Simon Phillips/Brian Tichy on the drums) is the base, on which Michael Schenker builds and shapes the songs with his celebrated talent. All these get to us clearly due to the neat production, which mixes brilliantly the romantic with the modern. And what a better epilogue to this hard n’ heavy manifest than a thunderous, 2021 version of the classic Michael Schenker song, “In Search of the Peace of Mind”, which was released by Scorpions in 1972’s “Lonesome Crow”! If you want a classic hard rock/heavy metal album, you have to listen to “Immortal”! Thumbs up!

♦ 8.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos






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