by MythofRock

Greek alternative rockers Low Treble are an interesting case, as they showed us with their debut EP (“Dr. Treble”) that they have the great potential to stand out from the other bands. Now they are releasing their sophomore EP, “Mr. Low”, and it makes me say again: Low Treble are capable of big things in the near future. “Mr. Low” continues where “Dr. Treble” stopped, and proves to be even better! That means that their new material sounds fresh and nice, consisting of catchy, memorable songs.  These songs have again an alternative rock core, with many extra pop, funk and heavy rock ingredients. The sound is a bit blurry, but that suits with the alt rock style of the band, it is obvious that the EP was recorded with fun and a positive mood and energy and that the band members have a strong bond that can be “heard” in the final result – they aren’t only well-rehearsed, there is trust between them. All five songs of “Mr. Low” are crafted with dainty music ideas and are constructed brilliantly, giving each member the opportunity to perform both emotionally and with a technical precision. The slapped bass wonderfully fills every moment of the songs, the guitars speak only with wise phrases, the vocals are hypnotizing, mesmerizing … If “Dr. Treble” introduced the band to us, “Mr. Low” is showing us that Low Treble is one of the hottest new names in the Greek alternative rock scene!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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