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Fans of horror, The Monsters are back! Back with a new album, a new collection of horror hard rock songs, especially made for us! Yes, this time the monstrous work is titled “Screem Writers Guild” and it is one of the best albums that they have released! Continuing the legacy of Alice Cooper, KISS and other hard rockers, Lordi give us a shot of great shock rock, a selection of hard rock anthems, which sound catchy, straightforward and bombastic. Influenced by the arena/FM hard rock of the decade of the 80s, the band from Finland composes melodic and groovy earworms, filled with hymnal refrains, an unstoppable, roistering groove and excellent arrangements. All songs are captivating, building a seductive record, which should not be missed in any case. My personal favorites are “Dead Again Jayne”, “Unliving Picture Show”, “The Thing in the Cage”, “Vampyro Fang Club”, “In the Castle of Dracoolove” and “End Credits”, all parts of a shiny, feel-good, fun hard rock release. All these years, Lordi has managed to form their own musical character, and after all these years, Mr. Lordi hasn’t lost his inspiration, offering us, with a lot of help from his bandmates, a fantastic new album, a gift for all hard rock maniacs! The incredible is that, as always, this “monsters” concept is combined with a lot of humour – Lordi don’t take themselves so seriously. That’s why they also have a lot of “guilty” influences, from pop music, even disco! I am sure you got an idea about this monstrous album. Get it now!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos






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