by MythofRock

Is there still anyone out there who is following the career of Lordi? I mean, who is waiting a real good album from the monstermen? I admit that I was surprised with the new album of the Finnish band. “Killection” is a damn good album, which has great melodic hooks, unforgettable refrains and a musicianship that only big bands have. As far as the music style is concerned, Lordi don’t limit themselves in a specific genre, they just play melodic heavy rock music – there is a variety of musical ideas, a variety of moods, but always a passion and a smart attitude. I could even dare to say that there is a certain approach in the whole album which reminds me of bands like Ghost. That is a clever decision of Lordi, since this horror rock music style is absolutely relevant to the band’s horror lyrics and monstrous outfits. The Finnish take us by storm with their new songs, which sound like the soundtrack of a breathtaking horror movie. As darkness prevails, the demonic anthems of Lordi chase you and evil rock n’ roll is in charge now. If you want to get into the House of Horror, if you want to see how the monsters are crawling and barking, just give Lordi a chance – again! I can’t spoil the story, but what you are going to witness will haunt you forever! Yes, we have to follow Lordi’s career!!

♦ 7.5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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