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Myth of Rock had the great honor to be the first magazine to listen to Onism’s debut album, “The Diary of Fools”. We came in contact with the vocal duo, Lupe and Luna, who gave us this big opportunity and right below you can read our first impressions. Let’s go, track by track!

 “Past Internal”: A mid-tempo song that starts with the beautiful, ethereal voice of Luna, the piano and the drums set the dark atmosphere and Lupe welcomes us with his esoteric performance. The verse haunts the listener, the catchy refrain sends shivers down your spine. I loved the orchestration of the song.

 “The Sound of Us”: The piano introduction gives a mystery to the song, Luna and Lupe start their “conversation”, building a sophisticated composition, which reaches an emotional zenith with the astounding refrain.

 “Heartbeat”: A track which will make your heart beat faster, as the two singers start and stop singing, entrusting silence, leading to a compelling result. The orchestral arrangements are incredible, and the team vocals paint the song with vivid colors.

 “The Crowd”: The sound of the crowd, the raindrops, a delirium. The monologue of Lupe speaks to you, then the majestic, hymnic refrain sparkles in the dark. Luna’s turn comes soon and again, the magnificent refrain brings catharsis. The sound of the crowd, the delirium.

 “Praying Mantis”: This song contains lyrics in Greek, and a poem by Giorgos Tsironis. It is the most ambitious composition of Onism to date, every word sounds like a passionate crying, the orchestral arrangements, together with the singular vocals of the duo, drive to a sentimental crescendo.

 “Ego”:  An improvisational effort, which showcases the duo’s progress since “Leyes” EP. Lupe and Luna make consummate art, based on the echo of interesting artistic ingredients. Simple in the beginning, very rich in the end.

 I am astonished, as I am listening to Onism’s new songs for the first time. I already may say that this debut is a magnificent album, a dark wave offering which will satisfy even the demanding listeners. More melodic, more progressive, deeper and sweeter, “The Diary of Fools” will be available on July 1st, 2021! Then we will have so many more things to say!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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