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Formed in 2002, Greek band Leaving Tomorrow released its latest album in December 2020. Generally, if you are a fan of heavy rock music, “Morningdom” is an album that you definitely should not miss. Leaving Tomorrow offers us a piece of art, a true heavy rock masterpiece that waits to be explored. Let’s start with this – if you like guitar-driven rock music, you will be excited with the album. Yes, the compositions of “Morningdom” are based on guitar and its improvisations, however, we don’t have only heavy rock music here; the band combines heavy rock with many other musical elements – folk, blues, classical, even jazz rock elements can be found here. After all these, you understand that the final result of the album has a progressive rock character. The songs are complex and long-structured, they grow inside you, as you listen to the disc over and over again, and the band members’ technique reaches a high level. This technical sound doesn’t mean that Leaving Tomorrow doesn’t express its emotions through its music. On the contrary, this stylistically versatile album is like an adventurous journey in the realm of the enlightenment, where different cultures and contradictory feelings co-exist. West meets East, joy meets sadness, darkness meets light and Leaving Tomorrow gives us a musical gift of captivating music craft. Some moments of the album reminded me of bands like Wishbone Ash and Socrates, some other moments I had the impression that I was listening to a jazz rock fusion record and sometimes I could clearly hear influences from Greek folk music. To sum up, “Morningdom” can be described as a great improvisational, progressive heavy rock album, rich and deep in musical content. Are you ready to wake up in the morning?

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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