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Netta Laurenne is singing for Smackbound and Noora Louhimo for Battle Beast. They are both Finnish and come from the same city, Tampere. Laurenne/Louhimo is their alliance, their duet project, where assisted by Nino Laurenne (guitars, Thunderstone) and Sampo Haapaniemi (drums). “The Reckoning’ is the product of their collaboration, a melodic yet powerful heavy metal album, which comes to shake down the world of today’s metal. I was sure that this duet would offer us a nice disc, but “The Reckoning” is a hell of an album. First of all, it is a metal album, that means it is heavy, ferocious and relentless. The songs’ riffs and groove will fall on you like an anvil! Secondly, this album is very melodic, straightforward and catchy – the verses, the refrains and the melodic hooks will make you wanna more and more! And finally, “The Reckoning” sounds so passionate, emotive, and, at the same time, it features technically excellent performances – you understand immediately that Nino Laurenne has put his touch on the album, which at some moments has a prog metal character. Of course, the vocals of both Netta and Noora are excellent and the production has given a clear, fresh sound to the songs. “The Reckoning” is a well-balanced, well-crafted melodic metal record that will keep you good company. Netta and Noora have taken care that you want get bored – to the contrary, every time you listen to this album, you will find new, interesting things! All fans of good, melodic metal music should pay attention to Laurenne/Louhimo and trust the Finnish ladies!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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