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Korpiklaani, a band that has delivered songs with name of drinks, such as “Beers Beer” (in several languages, with other bands) and “Vodka”, has just released “Jylhä”. It’s the first work with new drummer Samuli Mikkonen, replacing Jaakko “Hittavainen” Lemmetty that left, due to personal health issues. This album is about folklore, life, celebration and murder stories. But let’s start wit the first song, “Verikoira”. The song starts with a fine drum beat, followed by sick guitars. This track is a kick-ass song, with a Judas Priest influence, (imagine “Painkiller” for example). We can see it in Jonne Järvelä’s singing. I love the way Sami Perttula and Tuomas Rounakari play their instuments so well. It’s magical. “Niemi” is a very dark song and the lyrics are too. This track is about the murder of the Lake Bodom. It’s very fun, power metal, fast, with to-die-for violins. Korpiklaani did a good choice, on choosing “Leväluhta” as a single. This music combines different genres, from ska to folk metal. “Mylly” is the one who captures best Jonne’s voice and its essence, followed by the instruments, specially the violin and the accordion. Let’s change the scene, with a ballad: “Tuuleton”. Starts softly, but goes heavy with the riffs by Kalle “Cane” Savijärvi, with the bass by Jarkko Aaltonen. “Sanaton maa” is the song, where the band will ask the fans to put the hats in the air, because it’s so catchy, that you might want to dance. Trust me!!! “Huolettomat” is very cheerful and will make you happy, even in these darker times, that comes with a beautiful bass line. “Anolan aukeat” is very traditional, with an accordion line and solo. “Pidot” is a party song, and all the instruments resemble that. The album finishes with “Juuret”, a darker song, with a fine drum solo and choruses, too. This album shows a new side of Korpiklaani, that can mix and combine new elements so well. They have an open mind and will continue to surprise us. Once you feel the sadness is around the corner, fill up your pints and listen to this record.

♦ 8/10

Raquel Miranda




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