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Kamelot is a top, world class band, with many great albums in its discography, led by the genius of guitarist/songwriter Thomas Youngblood. I am a fan of this iconic band, no matter who the lead singer is. And I think that everyone agrees that Tommy Karevik is a fantastic replacement of Roy Khan, despite the big resemblance of their voices. So, many years since it’s predecessor, Kamelot issues a new album, titled “The Awakening”. With a few words, it is one of best albums of melodic power metal of the last couple of years. Or more! Because Kamelot show us for another time that they know how to write good songs, not only bangers but also ballads. They haven’t lost their songwriting skills, they face no writer’s block, they are still inspired enough to write great tracks – magical, majestic, elegant, superb! Beginning with ”The Great Divide”, continuing with excellent numbers like ”One More Flag in the Ground”,  ”Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)”, ”Bloodmoon”, ”Willow”, and ending with ”My Pantheon (Forevermore)”, ”The Awakening” is a breathtaking, jaw dropping, unmatched masterpiece of melodic power metal. All the songs are beautifully written, arranged and produced, performed by a quality band, who knows when to accelerate, when to slow down or go in-between. We all admire and trust Kamelot, but I would never believe that, anno 2023, they would present us such a captivating album. The American band managed to shock us again and it’s certain that with this album in their baggage, they will conquer the world! I am already looking forward to seeing them playing live!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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