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Kamchatka is a power trio band from Varberg, in South West Sweden. Members are Thomas “Juneor” Andersson (guitar & vocals), Tobias Strandvik (drums) and Per Wiberg (bass & vocals). They recently released their seventh record “Hoodoo Lightning”, an inspired one, full of bluesy and hard rock influences which is so delightful to listen to. Like the whole of their discography actually. “Hoodoo Lightning” is another proof why we love this band and its albums. Catchy and solid rhythm section (Tobias and Per match their sound so cool altogether), ‘signature’ vocals of Thomas and Per (he is a genius in all instruments, but he has established himself as an excellent vocalist as well) and a groove which is so difficult to surpass and ignore. Their music has always been so enjoyable and cool. This album is another brilliant proof how the sound of only three people can be so rich in emotions, influences and ‘color’. The late 60s and 70s feeling is all over the songs. You can always hear Jimi Hendrix/Robin Trower/Cream riffs and overall influences, but also Cactus, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk make a strong presence on this album as well. The production of guitars, drums and bass adds a dynamic banger to their tunes, it sounds modern and carefully fine-tuned, however, it has a warm, organic touch which sets up the vintage feeling of the album. There is a significant amount of reasons why this record kinda feels like a return to their very first three albums, a constructive look back to their own catalogue, but also a promise that “Hoodoo Lightning” has so much to offer to the listener towards the band’s future as well. My personal highlights of the album are: “Let it Roll”, “El Hombre Dorado”, “A Drifter’s Tale” and “Fool”.

♦ 7/10

Antonis Mantzavinos



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