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January 2024

by MythofRock
The Myth is Reborn! Myth of Rock has undergone a complete transformation, emerging fully renewed, redesigned, and relaunched! After nine years since its inception, Myth of Rock has taken on a new form to stay current, modernize, and align with the latest needs and trends of 2024. In the digital landscape of this year, a website must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional, interactive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. While the essence of Myth of Rock lies in its textual content and writing style, it is equally essential for the website to offer a hospitable and seamless user experience.
The previous iteration of the Myth of Rock website, while a commendable online magazine, was showing signs of age, riddled with errors, and faced various challenges. With this fresh start in 2024, Myth of Rock unveils a completely rebuilt website, promising a new layout, enhanced functionalities, and additional columns. The “Rock and Metal Mythology” section will delve into articles about beloved rock and metal iconic bands, artists, records, genres, personalities, and tributes. In the “Art” section, Myth of Rock expands its coverage to include literature, cinema, TV, theater, and more, offering reviews, articles, and presentations. I would like to thank here Internet Wizards for the great technical job they have done!
However, the core elements that have defined Myth of Rock remain intact. Daily news articles, significant reviews, intriguing interviews, concert reports, and various articles will continue to be just a click away. This relaunch signifies a monumental step forward for Myth of Rock, aspiring to new heights with a promise to be the ultimate companion for all rock and metal enthusiasts. As part of this exciting new chapter, Myth of Rock has joined forces with the radio program “Rock Diadromes” (broadcasting on 94,3 Ellada FM). Together, we plan to venture into the realm of podcasts, featuring special video interviews and presentations.
The Myth of Rock team has expanded as well, welcoming new editors Ira Bunia, Argiro Vailakaki, and Panos Lambropoulos, along with new photo-reporters Iro Kalligeri and Dimitris Kokkinogenis. This is only the beginning of a journey that promises a myriad of experiences, making the Myth of Rock encounter even more multi-dimensional and versatile. Comments and inquiries from the audience are encouraged, with the email dzaxmetal@yahoo.gr available for communication.
Welcome to the new website, ushering in a new era for Myth of Rock. Together, we aim for the stars, promising an exhilarating journey for all rock and metal enthusiasts!
Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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