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Founded by guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian, Immortal Guardian is an extraordinary prog/power metal band, which is always making surprises to the listeners. Its debut album, “Age of Revolution” (2018), was a true shocker for every fan of the genre, featuring excellent power metal with some shred/progressive metal elements. It’s time to welcome the sophomore album of the amazing quartet, an album which has all the aforementioned influences, but in a larger quantity! Yes, “Psychosomatic” is a mind-boggling album, which sounds even more melodic, more powerful, more progressive, more technical! I am sure that each one who loves power, feelings and … shredding will fall in love with the new album of Immortal Guardian. Because the multi-national band presents us an album with … psychosomatic symptoms. If you get to listen to this consummate selection of songs, you will want to bang your head, seeing that your adrenaline is too high! And, at the same time, you will feel so complete, satisfied and wiser! Of course, Immortal Guardian isn’t reinventing power/prog metal, don’t avoid the clichés of the genre, however, they have a great musicianship, songwriting skills and, most of all, a unique inspiration, which all lead to fantastic compositions; “Read Between the Lines”, “Phobia”, “Goodbye to Farewells” and “Find a Reason” are impressive tracks of mighty, furious and anthemic power/prog metal! Listen to the fast guitar shredding, enjoy the solos, sing along the catchy refrains, explore the complex song themes! Immortal Guardian are here for every power/prog fan, but also for every listener of quality metal. Taste this album and get … delirious!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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